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Way Long Overdue Update

Posted: June 12, 2008 at 6:07 pm
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Well as usual I am way overdue in posting. In fact its been over a month, in fact close to 6 weeks!!! OK here I am. I am alive and kicking but busy. That means there is lots to talk about.

Lets go in some sort of logical order. The three weeks that mom and dad were away were great but went too fast. We had a party at my place for my birthday and Sarahs and I anniversary on the weekend of May 10. It was a lot of fun and the pictures are posted here. We were up late and drank lots and ate lots and the weather was perfect. Thanks to everyone that showed up.

My parents came home on Victoria Day (May 19) from Europe and their pictures are posted here. Of course it went too fast for them and they had an incredible time. Leave comments on the site or send them an email (mary[at]piskuric.ca or joe[at]piskuric.ca).

Right after that I had horrible issues with my home computer. I had an issue with the hard drive, more specifically the directory structure. One day I booted the computer and well it didn’t do anything. I ran some tests and realized that my data was there and OK but the iNode structure was corrupt. I downloaded a few utilities and they attempted to restore the iNode structure to no success. I ended up formatting my OS partition and reinstalling Leopard. It all ran fine for about a week and then boom! failure again and with the same iNode issue. After some Googling I realized that my disk hardware was damaged most likely. So after much debating on what to do I decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new external HD. I bought a Moxtor this time, maybe better luck with that then a Western Digital. After reinstalling Leopard AGAIN and cloning the data partition to the new disk it seems to be working perfectly now. So just a bit of advice, when you get an iNode issue in OSX most likely the disk is damaged.

At work I am busy as always. We delivered to the client this week but there is still a lot to do. There was a lot of overtime, which means extra money! Things are going to slow down a bit now but the summer will still be busy. We have another code drop in mid August then again in October. We are looking for more coders that know Java, Visual Basic and SQL. Go to http://rpmtec.com/careers.asp to see what available. Tell em Michael sent ya.

What this means is that I have done little on the website. I have made a few minor changes to the new site but there is still lots to do. I even have had a few new ideas but those will just delay the project. Luckily I’m not being paid to do this thus no hard deadline. Keep checking back though, hopefully soon.

Ok now for the really cool news. Sarah and I have made a lot of progress on the wedding. We have booked the Holy Cross Church hall for September 26, 2009 as well as a caterer. Sarah and I are meeting the priest at Incarnation Church this Saturday morning to hammer out the details for that day. Of course that leaves a heck of a lot to do, we only have the biggest things booked. Now its time to think about the hundreds of little things. We may have 14 months but those will go quickly too. So that makes it official the wedding is September 26, 2009. Keep an eye out in your mailbox for an invitation.

Oh! One more thing. iPhone in Canada July 11!!! I’ll be in line that day. My dream had come true!!!

So yes it has been forever since my last post, and yes I am going to promise to post more often and yes I will forget but hey at least I post something now.

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