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About Me!

Michael PiskuricMy name is Michael Piskuric. I am a geek and proud of it!!

I was born on May the 15th in the year 1982, that currently makes me 36 years old!

I went to Cardinal Newman Catholic high school and that is where I first caught my love for technology. I was the kid all the other kids copied from in computers class, which got me in trouble but made me feel good none the less.

I decided to go to Brock University and pursue a degree in computer science. I completed all courses needed for that honors degree in September 2005 and got myself a job at Staples Business Depot. I continued in that position until April 2007 when I accepted a position at Cogeco Cable Inc. in their Customer Contact Center as a phone support technician.

As of January 2008 I have fulfilled my dream of being a software developer by getting a job at RPM Technologies.I will finally be making money to write code and put my skills to good use. I cannot talk about exactly what I am doing publicly but it is fun and I love it.

My real passion is web development and security. I plan on one day opening up my own consulting firm or something of that nature and making myself a lot of money. A guy can dream can't he? Until then I will continue to develop small projects like my own personal webpage. One of the major projects here is my RSS reader. It is a place where you can keep a catalogue of all your favorite RSS feeds all in one place and check them from any web interface. Sign up and use it if you will but be warned that it is still under development. If you have any issues email me.

In case you are wondering this site is coded by hand using PHP and HTML. I first hosted it on my own personal server running in my room, and that was sufficient for over a year. But as my popularity and ambitions have grown I decided to get a proper hosting account. After much research i chose DreamHost as my host and have been with them since mid February 2007. So far it was a great decision.

If you are interested in any of my services or have any comments or suggestions you can contact me using one of the methods below.

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